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requested!! its just some stuff ive learned idk dont trust me too much, i had the parts for this laying around for days and was too lazy to put text on it i also added a collage of some chests ive done last minute

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So can we talk about the absolutely stunning duplicity going on here?

holy shit

ok, why the fuck is the graph upside down. that is incredibly misleading

Because its from the Florida Department of Justice, and they have a mandate here.

for those who have trouble inverting it in their head, ftfy:


this is some of the most blatant twisting of info i have ever seen holy shit

This is an irresponsible graph, no one should be allowed to make a graph like this, it should be illegal to do this

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i understood that reference

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if you take a look at my about you’ll see something is just sliiiiighhtly different B))

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CGHub Has Closed Down



Yesterday CGHub shut everything down without warning. I’m stunned. The site was on the rise and in many ways was the place to go to for the games industry art world. The creators (but not owners) of the site released a new statement this morning that explains a little more of the tragic situation. For a site that so many relied on, this is extremely unprofessional and to hear the parent company has no interest in even selling it to someone who could pick up where they left off is baffling.

Personally, I’m sad and honestly a bit angered about this. CGHub was a nearly daily visit for me. A large majority of my posts came from there and now carry dead source links. There wasn’t a site like it out there - that had the features it had and the awesome community of mostly games industry artists in it. I even had great success with its job postings section while hiring for Leviathan at various points.

The next question is unless CGHub rises from the ashes when its owners get their heads cleared up, where will the next core congregation of game artists happen?

For me CGhub was the shining beacon of hope, it was a place I could put my most portfolio ready pieces in. It was a place where I saw a chance to become bigger, where I could potentially break the mold and leap to where I wanted. That site made it feasible for this small freelance artist floating around the giant sea of talent of the online world to maybe one day “make it”. So to have this promise and place of professionalism sort of just disappear is a pretty big blow to me, if not many, aspiring artists out there who saw such possibility thanks to this place.

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Look at this little goblin

this cat looks like a sock puppet

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2014 “Magical Girl” Acrylic paint, Canvas F10 17.91x20.86

exhibition work
"Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and sailor senshi"

Making video :) / Canvas art “Magical Girl”

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